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who run the world? GIRLS

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

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well i’m sure it gave some of my older, overly-active Facebook-ing family members pause when “jamie mandel likes GIRLS” appeared on their newsfeed recently, but as it pertains to the new hbo series, airing this sunday, it’s true and i can’t wait for the premiere.

created by and starring the uber-talented lena dunham, who previously created, directed and starred in the criterion collection approved and cult-favorite “tiny furniture”. let it be known too that she also currently holds the esteemed position of being my favorite person on twitter. no seriously, is there any line i wish i had thought of myself more than this one? “@lenadunham: rihanna and chris brown’s new duets make me want to go hide under gloria steinem’s bed for 72 hours”. just something she’ll add to her growing roster of accolades, i’m sure.

when i made my new york debut and a measly starting salary not quite as big as even ½ of my dreams, i shared a one bedroom with fake divider walls with two other roommates. it was… the best of times and the worst of times. as for GIRLS, the show is a comic and often gritty look at the assorted humiliations and rare triumphs of a group of girls in their early 20s. my point is that i’ve been there, girlfriend, i just like your version a whole lot better. in the thoughtfully penned new york magazine feature story, emily nussbaum writes, “dunham’s sly, brazen, graphic comedy, with its stress on female friendships, its pleasure in the sick punch line, its compassion for the necessity of making mistakes, felt like a retort to a culture that pathologizes feminine adventure. as my younger colleague…put it, the show felt, to her peers, FUBU: ‘for us by us.’” i’m totally bringing that expression back.

in the pilot, we’ll meet the characters and hear hannah (played by lena), tell her parents that she’s, at least, “the voice of a generation”; after a weekend visit to the house i grew up in and an ill-advised scan over some of my own ancient, angsty diary entries, it became painfully clear that voice would not be my own. dunham wrote and directed the pilot of the series, which she executive produces along with judd apatow and jenni konner. the cast also includes jemima kirke, allison williams, and zosia mamet. episodes were shot in new york at places you’ll recognize as some of your favorite neighborhood haunts and, as unavoidable comparisons to that other hbo show roll in, does also include sex near the city.

while i anxiously await the pilot like the rest of you, that didn’t stop me from making some rash judgments in the meantime. based on some sketchy first impressions, i’ve had a fun time assigning each character some of my top picks from my favorite clients. do you think i got it right?

hannah: endearing protagonist and way funnier than your average everygirl, hannah has a penchant for eating cupcakes in the shower. step it up a notch with these unbelievably delicious caramel marshmallows from vosges haut-chocolat. you’re worth it.

marnie: highly responsible and very put-together, she has a very adult job at a very adult art gallery. whether or not you’re in love with the job, best to look the part with this highly covetable hester van eeghen inner circle bag: perfect for the office but holds everything you’d need to blow off steam at post-work drinks after a long day.

jessa: jessa is british, bohemian and an occasional nanny who has traveled to as many different countries as she’s had boyfriends. now that she’s making new york her home, she’d love to set the mood with candles from linnea’s lights, like the new wild honeysuckle, earthy vetiver, and rich cashmere scents.

shoshanna: a girl’s girl with sex & the city dreams and brooklyn nightmares, her friends tend to dismiss her as a suburban innocent, but she consistently proves to be a surprising source of wisdom. cheers to that over some bubbly from henri’s reserve, and better make it rosé.


2011 holiday gift guide from your friends at the markoff group

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

while summer is still mid-swing for most, those of us here at the markoff group are well into planning next season’s gift guide to get a jump on the holidays. as the newest member of the markoff group family, i am thrilled to present to you the latest  flavors, scents, and styles coming out for fall and holiday 2011. thinking about gifts for the holidays might not have crossed into your  summer hazed mind yet, but with next season fast approaching, take an air-conditioned second to cool off and check out these creative gift ideas.

vosges haut-chocolat is offering a delicious selection including three new items, all top sellers. the least traditional is the “groove truffle collection,” pairing mouth watering truffles with toe tapping music. linnea’s lights is offering a fragrant  fall and winter line of scented soy candles that will warm up your home and without affecting your carbon footprint.  hester van eeghen (also a new member to the markoff group) has come out with a truly original selection of leather handbags and accessories. These vibrant colors will add a splash of life to any outfit. Hope this helps spark some fun ideas for the upcoming holiday season!


is this real life? the mother’s day tea collection sweepstakes!

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

the tea collection really knows how to treat a mother right. the tea apparel collection has teamed up with vosges haut chocolat and stroller traffic to treat one lucky mama to an unbelievable mother’s day gift, and they’ve combined us gals’ two favorite things: chocolate and clothes. get ready for this: one entire year of vosges haut chocolat and a one thousand dollar tea shopping spree! what could be better? not a mom? well call yours, make her enter, and remind her of the importance of sharing, a value she instilled in you long ago.  but i have a feeling whoever may win, she is going to have a bit of trouble sharing after she takes a bite of any one of vosges premium chocolate treats and takes a peek at the tea collection’s new summer line.

to enter fill out the short form on tea’s website here by 11:59pm on may 7th. the winner will be selected randomly within three days of the contest close date.

mother’s day 2011

Friday, April 29th, 2011

one day out of the year is solely dedicated to thanking our mother’s for a lifetime of love, care, and support. in all honestly i think it’s  little inadequate. i don’t know about you but there are not enough days in a lifetime to thank my mother for everything she has done. so what type of gift do you gift someone who has loved you unconditionally (even through your angsty teennage years)? can any gift some up your near-inexpressible gratitude? maybe not, but there are a few tokens of appreciation out there that come pretty close. here is our list of our favorite mother’s day gifts:

vosges flowers + chocolate gift box

the magnificent lady in your life deserves to be pampered with all her favorites– chocolate and flowers, of course. within our signature purple gift set box, vibrant, chartreuse moss surrounds 16 pieces of our limited edition les fleurs du chocolat truffle collection and a mini bouquet of preserved flowers. preserved flowers never need water (or lose their color!), so this little gem will stay glam even when the chocolates are long gone. each bouquet arrives in a mini mint julep cup and includes a recipe for the classic cocktail, for moments of inspiration $75 at vosges

linnea’s lights cote d’azur candle collection

these candles last nearly as long as your love for your mother does. triple scented and hand-poured these soy candles are a wonderful, refreshing alternative to the usual mother’s day swag (mom, sorry about that five year streak of coffee mugs). if you are also seeking gift redemption, these candles will do the trick. conjuring thoughts of provence’s bright mimosa fields, sun drenched hills and evergreens, this scent combines mimosa’s delicate scent with white jasmine’s exotic sweetness and fresh sandalwood for a perfect and balanced halo.  this scent is both delicate and powerful. find it at abc carpet & home

mis en scene’s clover bronze table lamp

if you have a mother with a knack for interior design, it may seem that every year another room is redecorated. this mis en scene clover bronze table lamp can add a little class and whimsy to any room. the clover, used since gothic times, is said to bring luck to a home. find it at interiorconnector

coatt’s morse code necklace

i love hidden messages, and  this morse code necklace from coatt is perfect for the sartorial matriarch in your family. the gold filled beads and bars each represent a different letter in morse code. spelling out mom or love. this hand-strung necklace will always keep you close to your mother’s heart.  $36 at orange and pear