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there’s only one ‘of a kind’: my latest fashion find

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

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in honor of the official beginning of spring, i thought it might be appropriate to celebrate with a little bit of retail flair. with the warmer weather and sunnier days ahead, i couldn’t wait to discover the perfect new accessory to add to my spring wardrobe. luckily for me, i achieved my goal rather quickly when i stumbled across an awesome new fashion site called of a kind.

of a kind is an online business that promotes on-the-rise fashion designers by featuring these designers’ unique (and, of course, limited quantity) products. the great thing about of a kind is that they also allow us to get to know the designers a bit more on a personal level, sharing about the stories behind their creative creations and their most influential fashion inspirations. but what i love the most about of a kind is the fact that all the items they carry are truly one of a kind since featured editions range in size from only five to 50 pieces. in total. i love that.

totally sold on of a kind‘s business concept, i just wanted to share about my first purchase: the brushfire summer wrap by lindsey thornburg. printed in italy and finished in nyc, this cashmere-modal ultra-thin wrap combines rich blues, oranges, purples, yellows, and browns to yield an absolutely stunning accessory for the beach, dinner dates, and even weddings! what do i love about it the most? i am 1 of only 50 people in the whole wide world who own this lovely creation!

though the brushfire summer wrap is unfortunately sold out, there are tons of other awesomely unique accessories and fashion items you can find at of a kind.

here are some additional items i found that i would love to have (they’re still available, so hurry before they sell out!):

(1)  flora clutch by tenoversix (20 of a kind)

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(2) nude necklace no. 8 by iacoli & mcallister (35 of a kind)

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(3) athena earrings by elizabeth knight (30 of a kind)

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aren’t they lovely? which one is your favorite?

~ irin