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a color story: featuring hester van eeghen

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

according to rachel schechtman, founder of fabulous new shop story, the landscape of retail is ripe for change. ”one of my beliefs is that the future of retail is going to be less about consumption and more about content and community,” she says. and that’s precisely why rachel created the concept of story. story is a 2000 square foot store located on 10th avenue in chelsea, overlooking the gorgeous highline, that has the point of view of a magazine. its offerings change every 4 to 6 weeks like a gallery, and it sells products just like a normal store. what sets story apart, however, is that story will change out all its merchandise, design, and fixtures and completely reinvent the entire theme every couple of weeks around a new idea. story debuted with the theme of love when it first opened in february. this month’s theme? color!

this month is extra exciting for us here at the markoff group because story will also be featuring one of our own beloved clients, hester van eeghen, a natural fit when it comes to to color. don’t you agree? we highly recommend stopping by this bright, colorful space. and if you have yet to get your hands on hester van eeghen’s vibrant designs, you must stop by for a unique opportunity to see, feel and try the pieces on for yourself. we just know you’ll fall in love.

here are some photos we took on our most recent visit to story.

let’s take a look inside, shall we? (location: 144 10th avenue at 19th street)

this month’s theme: color

hester van eeghen’s confetti clutch dipped in brown, orange, pink, and green – what a burst of color!

hester van eeghen’s confetti clutch in black, grey, and cream – perfect for anytime of day!

on the right: hester’s fishy ray in deep red
on the left: hester’s amazon clutch in red and orange


here’s another fishy ray in a mesmerizing turquoise. i absolutely love the sparkle. this is one of my absolute favorites and always a great conversation starter at parties.

as you can see, each section of story is sectioned off into different vibrant colors – oranges, pinks, greens, and hester van eeghen fits right in. i love the concept, and can’t wait to go back to pick up some lovely trinkets for myself. what’s your story?

~ irin



new terrain plus a conversation with linnea’s lights

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

image courtesy of

one of our very favorite retailers, terrain, has relaunched and revamped their lovely e-commerce site and, well, there goes our afternoon! with hurricane irene looming on this overcast, stormy day, all i can think about is stocking up on my favorite candles from linnea’s lights and warming up this office with their warm glow and cozy scents.

as a special treat, terrain even interviewed lynn and laura, the mother and daughter duo behind the candle company. read all about their inspirations, what it’s like to work as a team, their inspiring socially conscious approach and more, here. this is a must-read and a nice look at the pair you won’t find anywhere else!

shop the linnea’s lights collection at terrain now and get ready for this hurricane! after tossing some candles in my cart, i know i feel better about it already. guide sale on one kings lane

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

have you ever visited a city and wanted to get a true feel for it above and beyond the standard tourist experience? kaie wellman has put an end to this struggle with her fabulous, stylish, expertly curated and supremely helpful guides. these guides spill all the local secrets, packaged in convenient travel-friendly sized books and packed with an eclectic combination of things to do, where to go, what to buy and beyond. on monday, july 25, you can get special guide collections for an even better price during the very special “travel” themed sale going on only at one kings lane.

on offer:

- the cool(literally) pacific northwest: portland, seattle, and vancouver

the moist landscape of the pacific northwest is home to three of the most exciting cities in north america when it comes to unique independent eating and shopping.

- the “third” cities: portland, austin, and the twin cities

these cities embrace a small town attitude, bringing a fresh perspective and verve to mom + pop culture.

- yes, historical cities can be fun: boston, philidelphia, and washington dc

where american heritage meets modern independent.

- new england road trip: boston and new england

while gazing at the blazing colors of nature, experience the vibrant flavors and unique local retail of this region.

- midwest foray: chicago and twin cities

what could be better than exploring two of the most exciting cities in the midwest? both burst with local goodness.

- transcontinental “l” cities: london and los angeles

who can deny the glamorous, eclectic appeal of two of the most famous “l” cities in the world?

- multi-course prix fixe: austin, boston, chicago, london, los angeles, miami, and new england

the ultimate independent eating and shopping compendium. whether you’re an armchair traveler or have 1k status, your journey through these 16 incredible cities will be memorable.

- new orleans, nyc, paris, philadelphia, portland, seattle, twin cities, vancouver bc, and washington dc

a collection of some of the coolest travel destinations