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it’s always sunny in my ipod

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

all the leaves are gone, the sky is grey and two dozen states are now, or soon will be, experiencing one of the largest snow storms ever. before you curse the weather gods, why not take a little audio escape that will leave you california dreaming….

-california dreamin’: the mamas and the papas

-the sweet escape: gwen stefani

-summer lovin’: grease soundtrack

-margaritaville: jimmy buffett

-lookout sunshine: the fratellis

-summerboy: lady gaga

-summerwind: frank sinatra

-dog days are over: florence and the machine

-summer in the city: loving spoonful

-here comes the sun: the beatles

-walking in a winter wonderland: i kid. i kid.


Oh the weather outside is frightful, but my accessories are so delightful

Friday, January 21st, 2011

days like this in new york just make me want to curl up on the couch, stay in my pajama’s all day, pop in a hitchcock movie and call it a day.  however, unless it is a state of emergency, i’m going to work. successfully maneuvering through the snow-laden streets  of new york without falling victim to those deceitful foot-deep slush puddles is a nearly impossible feat. luckily, there are a few key items to make your commute much more pleasant.

la canadienne ‘secret’ over the knee boot

waterproof, over the knee and leather to boot (sorry i had to), these boots are great for trudging through deep snow   and slush. With a low heel and moisture-wicking, antimicrobial lining these boots will keep your feet dry without compromising your sense of style.

cashmere socks

my favorite indulgence. extravagant and practical, cashmere socks will keep your feet warm and dry, while adding a little bit of luxury to your morning commute.

prada vitello daino expandable tote

prada vitello daino expandable tote bag

just because it is dreary outside does not mean your outfit needs to follow suit (i am on a roll today!).  this robin’s-egg leather tote will add a pop of color while protecting your laptop from any freezing rain or cab splashes.

vosges haut chocolat la parisienne couture cocoa

A favorite of Rachel Ray, this deep cacao blend is perfect for a cold morning pick-me-up.

~ carolyn

find some real peace

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

image courtesy of new york magazine

let me start by saying i love the holidays. and i love being in new york for most of the holidays. but as if just living in a place like new york city doesn’t make one want to get out for a couple days every once in a while, it becomes almost necessary to disappear for at least just a weekend when the inevitable added holiday stresses (that, admit it, we all love to hate) are thrown into the mix.

so where does one go for just a day or two without breaking the bank? i’m hoping to check out the mohonk preserve (pictured), which apparently is new york’s largest non~profit nature preserve.  depending on the season there are various activities, but really i’d just like to meander around and perhaps go sit in that gazebo?

if you’re interested in looking into other great new york city winter weekend trips, check out this new york time’s article “winter weekends: 12 easy getaways.”  mohonk preserve is just one of the places featured here, so you’re bound to find something that sparks your interest and hopefully will rejuvenate your senses.


go on a staycation to 1904

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

image courtesy of

i just found out about an exciting new adventure to embark on in new york (big surprise, i know)!

here are your directions:

ride the 6 train to the end of the line (the brooklyn bridge stop)  ~ but don’t get off!  continue to ride it as it loops around to go back into manhattan (yes, the mta will let you do this now).  as it makes this loop it goes through a well~preserved city hall station from 1904 (pictured above)!

…and as i am sure you may be wondering to yourself, no you can not get out at this stop to admire its beauty.  as of now one must settle for just not quite pressing your face against the window of the subway car to catch a good look.

also, just as a disclaimer, i haven’t done this yet ~ so don’t hold me accountable if its not quite like the picture.  however, if you do go let us know your experience!