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josé esteves and interiorconnector at intérieurs!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

a match made in heaven: josé esteves, interiorconnector and intérieurs are coming together for a night filled with ideas, sketches, vignettes. intérieurs’ showroom and design studio showcase modern-soulful living, inspired by founder francine gardner’s interest in world travel and cultures. no artist can possibly epitomize this worldly soulful modernity quite like josè esteves. a native of bragance, portugal, his elegant and expressive works evoke modernity and the antique. inspired by his hometown, esteves’s handcrafted pieces, constructed from objects he finds both precious and infused with meaning, are truly a balance between art and function.

so come to intérieurs’ elegant open-air terrace on wednesday, may 4th at six o’clock, sip some cocktails and get a glimpse into josé’s mind as you take in his new lighting art collection. this is not just an unveiling, but sculptures in context.



where: intérieurs showroom 228 e. 58th street, new york, ny 10022

when: wednesday, may 4th at 6:00pm


artwork is for the birds

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011


today marks the 226th birthday of john james audubon, most famous for his lifelong dedication to the cataloging of north american fowl. but enough with the history lesson.  audubon’s catalogs include thousands of gorgeous watercolors of birds in their natural habitat, and lately, i’ve been enamored with the use of such prints in the home. although getting my hands on an original watercolor audubon will only happen in my dreams, it seems there are many inexpensive ornithological(the study of birds)-inspired prints and homegoods out there to meet any budget.

black and yellow warbler audubon centennial edition print

$600 at audubon editions

thomas paul melamine ornithology dessert plates

Set of 4: $32 at orange and pear

audubon birds notecards

$14.95 at the met store

john derian #7 parrot tray

$165 at orange and pear


interiorconnector in rue!

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

rue magazine is an interior design fiend’s equivalent of playboy.  totally online, its pages filled with one lustful item after the next, containing home goods and accessories you only thought existed in your imagination.  oh and did i mention they also have an equally drool-worthy blog as well? here at postmark we love acknowledging those with great taste and rue is no exception.  rue’s blog recently raved about a postmark favorite, interiorconnector, a design site devoted to finding the best luxury furnishings known to man.

here’s what rue had to say:

“Lately we’re browsing the drool-worthy pages of InteriorConnector, a new design shopping site devoted to a carefully curated selection of products from independent boutiques, studio artists, interior designers and to-the-trade vendors. With unique finds representing a wide range of styles, it’s like a ‘creme de la creme’ for your home!”

check out the entire post here


Organic Looms

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

image courtesty of Organic Looms

looking for something to make your home a bit cozier this winter?

take a look at organic looms, a chicago boutique that creates beautiful, unique rugs that are each hand woven in either nepal or india by workers who are treated fairly and who weave the rugs using sustainably produced materials.

each rug is custom made, thus it can take up to 120 days for your finished product to arrive…so be sure to hurry so that you can finally stop wearing two pairs of socks! visit their website here.