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donuts for all!

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

finally there’s a bakery that makes sweets without common allergens that actually taste good! really, really good. babycakes whips up delicious donuts, brownies, cookies, cupcakes – you name it – that are made without wheat, gluten, dairy, casein or eggs. for those of us whose bodies can’t tolerate such things this is a really big deal!

in case you have to do any convincing of friends to go with you (which you shouldn’t) just have those in doubt read this nytimes article. it should do the trick!

stop by one of their stores in New York, Los Angeles or if you’re on vacation with the kids, they just happen to have a location at disney world in orlando, florida.

happy eating!

~ caitlin

sprinkles fall on nyc!

Friday, May 13th, 2011

image courtesy of

new yorkers get ready for the new best cupcake in town. the all too good (and too cute) beverly hills cupcake shop is opening a location in new york city today! sprinkles cupcakes use only the finest ingredients and are sure to please anyone as they offer gluten free and vegan options too! go to their website to check out all their mouthwatering flavors and see how you can have yours customized.

also be sure to read more about them at strollertraffic!


sprinkles cupcakes nyc
780 Lexington Avenue, between 60th and 61st Streets

red velvet cupcake, with bite

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

This is what my cupcake looked like 20 seconds ago; now the wrapper is empty, save for a sprinkle of red crumbs.  As it turns out, most of my day is generally spent thinking about food. I know that most of everyone’s days are spent thinking about food, so I am not alone. But today’s bite of sweet, squishy red velvet cake really caught me off guard.

As is pretty routine, I walked along Crosby Street and passed the Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe.  I decided that I needed another iced coffee for the afternoon, so in I went, ordered my coffee, and noticed the little rows of home-baked goodies from the volunteer-staffed cafe counter. The cupcakes were unquestionably baked in someone’s home oven, and they looked so petite and inviting that I had no choice but to buy one.  And I thought to myself, “Lauren, you’re supporting the arts, you’re supporting the nonprofit bookstore that you love, and you’re inevitably supporting one of those cute little women behind the counter who inevitably baked the cupcakes.”  The red velvet + cream cheese (or is it buttercream?) frosting was a no-brainer decision, and I happily took it to go, swinging my paper bag all the way back to Grand Street.

an old, old picture of crosby street

I returned, tried to save the cupcake til later, failed to resist temptation, and took a big ol’ bite. Well, not that big, but big enough to be really surprised by how extraordinarily delicious a homemade cupcake could be.  Forget the overpriced miniatures at Melissa’s, and overindulged concoctions at the heavily tourist-infested Magnolia – Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines and that giggling Pillsbury Doughboy know what’s best!  I’m a proponent of the slow food movement, and I consume as much locally grown food as I can, but there’s something so indescribably comforting about the taste of cupcakes made from old-school boxed mix.

Now I’m ready for my nap!

~ lauren