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its may and what does that mean? picnics!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

one of my favorite activities to do in may when its warm but not humid, is go to the park and have a picnic, a favorite spot of mine is the rockefeller estate, kykuit in tarrytown, nY.  but i am not talking about lukewarm turkey sandwiches and store-bought potato salad. with a beautiful day and a gorgeous setting, there is no excuse for ugly, bland food. so here are a few tried and true recipes for pretty, portable, and palatable picnic provisions.

side: zucchini and carpaccio salad from smitten kitchen (20 minutes)

sandwich: parisian steak and cheese croissant sandwiches from giada (11minutes)

dessert: espresso chip meringue from giada (1 hour)

drink: berry-guava lemonade from the food network or, if you want a more spirited affair, try the super simple pomegranate spritzer from everything and nothing.

the trick to a good picnic is quality not quantity. no one enjoys lugging a heavy basket around, so try to keep it light, sticking to three satisfying courses that won’t strand you in the kitchen for hours.  if you decide to picnic on a whim, pick up some ready-made treats from your nearest grocery store. a favorite of mine is manchego cheese and olive tapenade on french bread.

also, keep it green! try to use reusable utensils, cups and plates! (this also gives you an excuse to shop for some adorable picnicware)


fall forward

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

it’s true what they say: ithaca really is gorges. my favorite of the city’s proverbs though, which as a bumper sticker looks perfectly at home adorning the back of any subaru in sight is, “10 square miles surrounded by reality”. i can’t wait to get back to that wacky bubble this weekend, when some college friends and i return for our 5-year reunion.

perfectly timed for a quick weekend getaway, ithaca, new york is what i picture when i think of fall. in ithaca, fall means changing leaves as far as the eye can see, farmer’s markets off cayuga lake, wegman’s, my favorite townie (hey starlight), and apple fest. my excitement is palpable and i’ve begun saving my appetite in order to fill up at moosewood because, let’s face it, borrowing from the restaurant’s cookbook in my meager, brooklyn apartment just isn’t cutting it.

to tide me over until then, i’ve been steadily burning linnea’s lights macintosh apple candle. serving as a sort of amuse-bouche to this weekend’s festivities, it’s giving me a dose of the season albeit without the corduroy’s, clogs and flannel i plan on parading.

so, what’s your favorite fall getaway?


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