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my latest obsession: the next iron chef

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

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i absolutely adore food and love watching the food network. i could watch the food network all day and not get bored. ace of cakes, throwdown with bobby flay, the next iron chef – there’s so much to see, watch, experience, and learn about. what i love the most about these shows is that they take cooking to the next level, and make it just as enjoyable and exciting as watching a competitive game of football or hockey. there’s excitement, mystery, and anticipation, and the food network producers definitely know how to keep their viewers constantly on their toes.

one of the shows i’ve been obsessed with lately is the next iron chef. in a nutshell, the next iron chef is a competition where 10 amazingly talented chefs battle each other every week until only one remains standing. each episode, the chefs are presented with a challenge and a few obstacles thrown in along the way such as mystery ingredients and game-changing rules. the latest episode i watched was one called “new york on a plate” – an episode that highlighted each chef’s ability to take an iconic new york city site and not only cook up a kitchen stadium-worthy dish but also tell an engaging and interesting tale of how the site inspired the chef’s thinking and creativity. watch the episode to see for yourself who won this battle here.

my favorite chef? chef elizabeth falkner, hands down. because of her background as a pastry chef and confectionary hero, chef falkner is a master of accomplishing dishes that are both savory and sweet. also, she is incredibly creative and is always finding ways to re-invent and remodel classic dishes in unique ways. however, i also think the other chefs are extremely talented so chef geoffrey zakarian and chef michael chiarello deserve an honorable mention as well. who do you want to see win the title of the next iron chef?


dining dutch

Monday, August 1st, 2011

image courtesy of The New York Times; NYTCREDIT: Evan Sung for The New York Times

early last fall, a friend won tickets to a taping of the martha stewart show and i was fortunate enough to tag along. martha looked great, the confetti system piñata she had on set became my new obsession, but it was guest chef andrew carmellini who really stole the show. and though i know enough to take martha’s word for it, i’ve had a hankering to try his cooking for myself ever since.

i had always heard great things about locanda verde‘s rustic italian cuisine but when the dutch opened recently i knew i had to, um, bite the bullet. returning to his american roots for his latest restaurant, carmellini culled inspiration from what “american” means right now, and singularly, what it means in new york city: a melting pot of culture & tradition, spices & innovation. table for two, please!

my guest and i arrived for what carmellini (and my grandmother) endearingly calls “supper”. i washed down the complimentary jalapeno cornbread with a bermuda yacht-club cocktail that hit just the right note, before digging in to some apps: crispy artichokes on a bed of roasted red peppers and onions, an eggplant dip with savory crackers. for the main event, i practically cleaned the bowl once filled with delicious black cod and smoked mushrooms in a yuzu-chili broth while my companion enjoyed his perfectly prepped sea scallops with sweet corn and chipotle (hold the bacon, he’s a veg). we had barely managed to save room for dessert but with that week’s heatwave, three scoops of sorbet – apricot, blueberry, and my favorite, coconut – were too perfect to pass up.

reservations strongly recommended.

~ jamie