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interiorconnector in rue!

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

rue magazine is an interior design fiend’s equivalent of playboy.  totally online, its pages filled with one lustful item after the next, containing home goods and accessories you only thought existed in your imagination.  oh and did i mention they also have an equally drool-worthy blog as well? here at postmark we love acknowledging those with great taste and rue is no exception.  rue’s blog recently raved about a postmark favorite, interiorconnector, a design site devoted to finding the best luxury furnishings known to man.

here’s what rue had to say:

“Lately we’re browsing the drool-worthy pages of InteriorConnector, a new design shopping site devoted to a carefully curated selection of products from independent boutiques, studio artists, interior designers and to-the-trade vendors. With unique finds representing a wide range of styles, it’s like a ‘creme de la creme’ for your home!”

check out the entire post here


it’s a new year and interiorconnector is here!

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

it’s a new year and with it most of us probably feel like making a few changes (or more) around our homes.  luckily for us, 2011 has brought with it an easier way to do this: interiorconnector, a new website that brings all the great interior design resources together to one place so you don’t have to search them out. now, you can cut straight to the fun part ~ choosing what you want, not worrying about where to get it.

at you can search for that one specific piece you’ve always imagined would look great in your bedroom but just couldn’t find at the larger stores.  or maybe you don’t know exactly what you want?  have fun browsing through the individual vendors’ virtual storefronts… just think of it as window-shopping at home!  and don’t miss the “décor report,” which is sure to inspire you to re-decorate even if you weren’t planning to with its articles that highlight new designers and trends while also featuring great decorating ideas.

interiorconnector has of yet only launched in new york city, but not to fear it will soon be expanding to additional cities throughout the country!


postmark* blog love…

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Another addition to our favorite blogs beyond the postmark* blog love:

We all know a Tom…an ex, the name after us on the attendance sheet the teacher calls out, the U.S. President (think Jefferson), the boy that lived next door, etc.  But who would have thought TOMS would become the household name for shoes worn by do-gooders, hipsters, NYC fashionistas and impoverished children in third world countries?  You know the concept – purchasing a pair of TOMS shoes and a second pair is given to a child – has hit home, when your mom from Missouri calls to say, “Have you heard of this Tom’s shoes guy?  I was at a conference…He is amazing and single.”

Entering TOMS Blog is a pleasure.  The posts vary from Chelsea the Intern chronicling her work experience with the other TOMS’ staff and tagging it as the “best internship ever,” to photos of Blake, the founder (wait, why isn’t his name Tom?), putting shoes on children’s feet. My favorite posts are re-postings of pictures taken by customers wearing TOMS.  Where have your TOMS taken you recently?

Image courtesy of

The blog emphasizes the need to eradicate poverty and posts articles highlighting the completion of milestones for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that range from halving extreme poverty by 50 percent by 2015 to increasing gender equality.  TOMS is a socially conscious company using profit, fashion, globalization and capitalism to accomplish a good thing.  This September TOMS will be placing its 1 millionth pair of shoes on a child.  The goal is simple:

In many areas of the world, kids cannot go to school without a pair of shoes. So, if they have a pair, they can attend class.

Image courtesy of

Join the trend.  This one has already lasted 4.5 years, so I think it’s safe to say TOMS are here to stay.  Most importantly visit this blog to read about people who enjoy their work, share a laugh and are changing lives. After all, New Yorkers know all too well that a good pair of shoes determines one’s outlook on the day and our ability to get from Point A to Point B.

~ Laura

syndicated* ~ whipped the blog

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

a few times a month, we want to highlight our favorite writers, websites, and blogs beyond the postmark* blog love many times they say it better than we ever could. our first syndicated post is courtesy of one of our very favorite food blogs, whipped. caroline always seems to feature yummy scrumptious recipes just at the right time to satisfy my cravings. and as you can see from below, she looks like she is having a lot of fun while doing it.

image courtesy of

one of whipped’s most read posts is about banana bread. we adore banana bread in the office, but we never make it ):

well…now we must, especially since we have caroline’s best banana bread recipe

image courtesy of

in caroline’s words ~

“Not only is my lovely friend Stephanie beautiful, intelligent and talented enough to design gorgeous silk handbags, scarves and other accessories, she also bakes the best banana bread I have ever had. A few years ago, she shared the recipe with me but it wasn’t until today, on the first day of 2008, that I baked up a loaf that I think was just about as good as hers.”

read more about caroline’s inspiration and the actual recipe at whipped.

~ natalie