we created postmark* as a place for us to collect our inspirations & ideas. we are wild about food, interiors, art & fashion, especially when the they all mingle, and we’ve been recently fascinated by the wide scope and vast potential that social media adds to the conversation. we work behind the scenes most of the day, but occasionally we like to step out from behind the curtain to engage in the conversation. you can often find us at one of our favorite places, such as the Vosges Haut-Chocolat store for hot cocoa, or the New Amsterdam Market for fresh & local nibbles, or one of New York’s many culinary delights. we’re most inspired by the creative process & our fellow entrepreneurs, and we hope you enjoy our musings.

the following are our Bios – we hope you enjoy!

Natalie, the founder and ceo of this crazy little thing called The Markoff Group. i am truly obsessed and inspired daily by the most random things, people, animals, and acts. i love the idea and process of taking the risk to create, to travel, to fall in love, to experiment. and my dirty little secret… mail order food, yes i am beyond obsessed. you will often find musings about my English Mastiff, Emma. {hopefully you will be as amused with her as I am.}


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