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Don’t Be a Monkey, Vote!

Friday, October 26th, 2012
With the election right around the corner, U.S. of Awesome has launched their “Don’t Be A Monkey, Vote!” campaign. U.S. of Awesome, founded in 2011, has created a line of All-American soft cotton and blended t-shirts that celebrate Americana and our shared experiences as Americans. “Don’t Be A Monkey, Vote!” is a cheeky and pretty darned adorable video featuring a toddler in a monkey costume wrecking a voting booth. The video, produced by Gotta Kid To Feed Productions, is meant as a non-preachy reminder that one of our most awesome and hard fought rights is our right to vote. As one of our greatest Americans, Abraham Lincoln once said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”.

Don’t Be a Monkey, Vote! Video:

U.S. of Awesome also features some really cool (and oh so comfortable) t-shirts meant to rile everyone up for the elections.

Speaking of Mr. Lincoln, U.S. of Awesome has a whole line dedicated to the president. With two new movies coming out this fall portraying Lincoln as both a leader determined to end slavery and a principled vampire slayer, we are reminded how Abraham Lincoln is still very vital in our cultural and political consciousness. The shirts feature original designs and inspiring quotes by the man who on top of being one of our greatest Presidents was also one of our most inspiring writers.












Now remember, Left wing, right wing, chicken wing… it doesn’t matter how you vote – just exercise your right!

- jennifer