midnight train to georgia

summer, unfortunately, is coming to a close. school, lectures and sweater weather are just over the horizon. i’m usually, like most students, never extremely exuberant to return, but this year i’m even more dreading the unavoidable return. don’t get me wrong, i’ve been away from my friends and family for a while now, and do look forward for things to get back to “normal” and slip back into my normal college life routine. but i mean, come on, i lived in new york city this summer, you can’t blame me for being reluctant to leave this lavish lifestyle i have somehow acquired here.


photo courtesy of tumblr

this summer held a bunch of firsts for me. i lived with my sister, alone, for the first time since high school, we tackled the subway for the first time, and i started my first ever job. not my first “real” job, but my first job ever. this city has so much to offer and so much to teach. i feel like i’m not done here yet. but, alas, i must leave. not only because my lease is up next week or the fact that i have no money to my name and could never rent an apartment on my own. no, for the soul reason, my parents would kill me if i didn’t come home. so, for the fear of what my parents could do, i leave new york this sunday and make my way back to georgia. i’ve always loved new york, but georgia will always be on my mind.

photo courtesy of tumblr



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