my new favorite shack

the empire state building, central park, time square, all staples in new york culture, and a must for any tourist who is lucky enough to find themselves in the big apple. so, as a person who has visited new york many times and has done the whole tourist thing, i always get excited to be shown around new york by a true new yorker, who can show me the hidden gems and the places that are staples in every new yorkers daily routine.

this past weekend i met up with an old high school friend, kevin, who moved to new york for school. he showed up at my apartment very early saturday morning, which on a saturday anything earlier than 11 is just unacceptable, and after we did the ritual “hello, how are you,” we decided to grab lunch. we stood in my apartment deciding where to go, when his entire face seemed to light up and he yelled, “we have to go to shake shack!” i had never heard of it before, but after seeing someone get so excited about a “shack” how could i not see what all the hoop-la was for myself. so we made our way to madison square park, and after being kicked off the subway for maintenance and through the farmer’s market, we finally made it to his beloved shake shack, which i had learned on the way there, that you are not truly a new yorker until you taste the greatness of the shake shack. once we arrived i thought the restaurant looked very charming amidst all the vegetation and the quaint seating.

photo courtesy of all over albany

kevin pulled my hand and basically dragged me to the line, “hurry, the line is never this short!” so after we quickly ran/walked across the park and ordered, i got the standard shake shack burger and fries, we waited. we sat and enjoyed the park and all the characters that lived among it and waited for our buzzer to buzz. finally, the food was ready. we got our food and i sat for a second and just looked at the burger. kevin, had been talking this burger up for at least an hour, i would be heartbroken if all that hype was a let down. so, i hesitantly raised the burger and took a bite. oh my god, that burger was delicious. we ate those burgers so fast, and then just sat back and relished in the tastiness.

photo courtesy of all over albany


so all-in-all this summer living in new york i haven’t done the “tourist thing” and taken in all the sights, but one thing is for sure, this past saturday i found one of my new favorite spots.


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