my obession with the ombre

ombre. everywhere i look it’s ombre, ombre, ombre. let it be hair, dresses, makeup, or your nails. the trend has, personally, started to grow on me, but not everyone is a fan. my sister for example says in respect to the ombre hair trend, “ombre? we’re from the south where that is called roots, and we wear a hat till we can get to the salon.” i also now question every woman’s hair when i walk down the street, “are those roots, or did she pay for that?” anyways, all that aside, if done right it can kind of look cool. so, i decided why not try it myself, it has to be way less maintenance than my need for platinum blonde hair. all year i gathered pictures of my favorite celebrities and have mentally prepared myself for the permanent root look i was going to inflict on myself. yet every time I find myself, in the salon chair, asking for the usual, “just make it blonder.”

photo courtesy of tumblr

So, i decided after months of doing this silly around the ombre routine, that this look was just not going to happen for me. no matter how much I mentally prepared myself, i could not willingly self-inflict permanent roots, but the look had, oddly enough, grown even more on me and I had to participate in this trend somehow. i liked all the ombre looks within the fashion world, but i decided that maybe i should start small, since i didn’t have a very good track record at going through with this look. so i landed on the ombre colored painted nails, which are scattered all throughout pinterest, where i usually find all of my latest obsessions. i was determined to master those nails. i googled ombre nail tutorials and was greeted with a plethora of different how-to’s. i could take my pick. Then i started to actually read the directions, better yet, look at the pictures. this looked a little out of my nail painting realm. i mean i can paint a mean nail, don’t get me wrong, but these people painted with sponges and mixed their paint prior to using it.

photo courtesy of totally love it

yeah, i was expecting to whip this out in like 20 minutes, not take up my whole afternoon. luckily a friend said she knew of a nail salon that specializes in nail art. so, after i decided that paying to get my nails painted ombre was far more reasonable then losing my sanity trying to master it myself, i made an appointment for sunday. yes, this sunday i will finally enter the ombre world.

photo courtesy of tumblr

I wonder what new obsession pinterest will throw at me next?


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