2012 olympics

photo courtesy of csmonitor.com

i look forward to the opening ceremony every olympics for the basic fact that they only happen every four years. it’s torture waiting to see what theatrical masterpiece will be unveiled to us through our television sets. each year everyone will say the same thing, “that was the best show ever,” “last year’s was way better,” or even, “were all those fireworks really necessary?” no matter what people think, this year’s ceremony was definitely memorable.

photo courtesy of herald sun


j.k. rowling, james bond, mr. bean and…the queen? only the olympic’s opening ceremony could bring this oddball team together without anyone questioning it.  this year’s theme was a homage to london history, which left me thinking, i wish danny boyle directed my high school history class. if my teacher had obtained enough fireworks to light up the night sky or could charter a plane for not only James bond, but the queen of england to jump out of, well i probably would have listened a bit more.  then again i would only have a vast knowledge of famous literary villains, the industrial era, and a comedic rendition of chariots of fire, and…that’s about it. while all these facts would help me vastly in a game of trivia or maybe even jeopardy, i don’t think they’ll help me too much in the real world. unless I ever do actually end up on a game show and win the grand prize with the knowledge that I gained from the opening ceremony. then i’ll eat my words.  this year’s opening ceremony might not have been as educational as theatrical, but hey, it kept me entertained.


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