oh darling, let’s be adventurers

photo courtesy of tumblr.com

this past weekend my sister and i succumbed to peer pressure. it’ll be exciting they said. you’ll save money they said.  so we took the leap and conquered one of our greatest fears. well…maybe more of an anxiety. the subway.

we decided on monday that the only way to become “subway experts” would be to wait till the weekend, so we could block out a good part of the day to get lost and find our way back home again. as you can see we were already pretty confident that we would somehow miss our stop and end up in a foreign land. a place where we would be marooned with no cell service, and forced to live the rest of our lives in this unknown place. a little dramatic, i know, but your imagination can really run wild when you have a whole week to think about how everything can go wrong.

so, saturday morning we checked the subway directions, twice, and made our way on our journey.  we finally made it to the subway station, and hesitantly descended down the stairs. it was deserted. i guess everyone else practiced their subway technique during the week.  so, after having slight difficulty buying metro cards and deciding if we lived uptown or downtown, we eventually made our way to the actual subway car. we entered and found some lovely seats at the end of the car. my sister kept saying only 10 stops till we get to bloomingdales. our mantra for the day. the car began to fill at each stop we took.  lexington. our stop. we jumped up and clawed our way out of the now packed subway.  we walked up, what felt like, a million stairs, and emerged greeted by the beautiful sunlight. then we called everyone we know and told them the story of how we conquered the subway.

yes, we were on cloud nine for the rest of the day. walking into each store with an air of confidence.  one amazing lunch and 6 new shopping bags later, we decided to make our way back home. we entered that subway like we owned it. two hours, a wrong train, a mile walk out of the way, then another mile to fix our previous mistake later we had made it to our apartment.  the subway gods definitely knocked us down a couple of pegs after that. so, we didn’t master the subway as easily as we had hoped, but, hey, there’s always next weekend.



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