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summer nights & city lights

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

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“there are 2 million interesting people in new york, and only 78 in los angeles.”

neil simon

i’m proud to say that at the whopping age of 20 i’ve finally joined the interesting people. new york is everything and nothing that i expected. my entire life i have been fed different ideas about how new york is or what to expect. carrie bradshaw glamorized it, elliot stabler protected it, and lady gaga glorified it. yes, i decided that i needed to form my own opinion. so i got a job, packed an unnecessary amount of clothes, and hopped on a plane to the city. i’ve lived here for little under a week, with my sister, in a one bedroom apartment in tribeca, but i can already say…i’m hooked. for a person who would rather live her days by night it wasn’t long for me to enjoy what “the city that never sleeps” has to offer. don’t get me wrong the days aren’t too shabby. walking down the street is my newfound favorite entertainment. the buildings are breathtaking, the weather amazing, and the people….oh the people you’ll see. they, let’s just say, come from all walks of life. but nothing beats the nights. i usually live in savannah, georgia where everything closes at 7 and 5 on sundays. so, basically, any place where they let you stay till 9 is heaven in my book. yes, new york and me agree with each other. i think i’ll stay…well until my lease is up.