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on my way to the office this morning i was on the look out for a refreshing alternative to my routine iced coffee with soy milk. in an attempt to be healthier and give up caffeine (for the day) i ventured into the juice department of a local grocery store. bombarded with one hundred different options, i reached for a bottle with a flashy label with words that read, synergy, organic and raw so i assumed it had to be healthy. of the many flavors, i chose mystic mango because orange is one of my favorite colors and mangos are of course delicious, and let me tell you it was love at first sip.

this slightly carbonated juice is packed with probiotics and antioxidants and is enjoyably light and definitely not too sweet. it is raw, all natural, organic, low in carbohydrates, low calorie and naturally rejuvenating! all of this information i found right on the label. if you are looking for a caffeine free jump-start to your day, this is definitely it! this gourmet health drink is sold for around $3.50 a pop and is well worth it. can’t wait to try another flavor tomorrow.


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